Who are we?

Our mission

The Boucher Forest Foundation is a charitable organization whose mission is to protect, preserve and enhance public appreciation of the Boucher Forest. It does so by purchasing parcels of land and carrying out environmental projects designed to protect its ecosystems and by educating the public about the importance of protecting the Boucher forest and ecology generally.

Our general manager

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Marianne Strauss, executive director

Holding a Masters degree in environment, and as the daughter of community activists who mobilized their community and local government to protect the Ile Bizard forest in the West Island of Montreal, it is natural that Marianne would gravitate towards this cause.  Resident of Gatineau for almost 5 years now, she has succumbed to the charm of the Boucher Forest and have joined the team of the Foundation, hoping to contribute to its goals of conservation.

Board of Directors

The Boucher Forest Foundation (BFF) is managed by a dynamic volunteer-based Board of Directors who, energetically and resourcefully, helps move the Foundation’s mission of conservation forward. To fulfill its mission, the Foundation also relies on the support of its members, numerous passionate volunteers and many other citizens. 


Adrian Corbo, president

Having grown up in the Lavigne neighbourhood of Aylmer, and being both an elementary school teacher and an outdoor enthusiast, I see the Boucher Forest is a place that deserves appreciation.  My involvement in the Boucher Forest Foundation is motivated by a desire to ensure that this forest is protected and remains accessible to all.

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Ariann Bouchard, vice-president

As her son Guillaume says, Ariann has "several brains". A mother of two teenagers, computer scientist’s wife, Ariann is a professional artist. She studied Fine Arts at Concordia University and Visual Arts at the University of Provence. Nature being the recurring theme of her work. Prior to joining the House of Commons Procedural Services Committee, she made several contracts in various working environments. Newly moved to Gatineau, it seemed natural for her to join the Board of the Boucher Forest Foundation. Because the forest is the starting point of her artistic creation, but also because community development is second nature for her. Over the years, she has been a board member of numerous organizations. Ariann hopes to contribute to the preservation of this precious jewel of nature that is the Boucher Forest with her experiences, her skills and her artistic vision.

Joëlle Ritchie, treasurer


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Denis Groulx, director

Denis has volunteered with the Foundation since 2010, and joined the Board in the summer of 2015.  Passionate about nature and wildlife, he grew up in Hull, in a family that taught him the importance of protecting the natural environment.  Denis now lives next to the Boucher Forest and can regularly be found hiking its many trails, which has earned him the nickname "guardian of the forest".  You can admire many of Denis' photos throughout this site.  Denis is also passionate about cinema, and is an independent contractor in the construction field, with a specialty in electronics.

Lyne-Marie Tremblay, director


Véronic Boyer, director

Nathalie Magnan, director

Stéphane Wojciechowski, secretary

I have lived next to the Boucher Forest for several years, which contributed to the development of my passion for the outdoors and the environment. After my university studies, I worked as an environmental consultant in Sept-Îles and Longueuil. I came back to Outaouais to enjoy the magnificent green spaces of the region and to help ensure their protection.


Maurice Thibaudeau, director

A forest specialist for over 35 years, passionate about ornithology, photography and many other fields, I am involved in the conservation of the biodiversity of urban woodlands.

The Foundation is currently seeking to fill several positions on the Board of Directors.  We invite you to present your candidacy, or to tell those around you about this opportunity.  The Boucher Forest Foundation depends entirely on the active participation of its members.